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International Boatguard EU Antifoul 2.5 Litre

Product Code: PLYBB81X
Our Price: £57.95 inc UK VAT

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SRP: £66.77
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Description of International Boatguard EU Antifoul 2.5 Litre:

Available in the UK ONLY
Due to shipping restrictions on this product we can only economically deliver this to UK destinations.
It is possible to ship overseas but the cost can be very high.
We can provide a quote for this, please contact us using the form at our support page here.

General purpose polishing antifouling for sail and power boats formulated for all waters, especially fresh and brackish.

  •  Good general performance antifouling at low coat offering one season protection in moderate to low fouling areas.
  •  Specially formulated for use in all waters.
  •  Suitable for inland waterways, providing effective protection for boats in fresh water.
  • Polishing action ensures that a fresh, active layer of antifouling is always exposed to the water. This action results in a clean, smooth hull, minimising friction and drag. The movement of the hull through the water gradually wears away the coating, preventing leached layer build-up. This reduces surface preparation prior to re-coating, helping to save time and costs.
  • Proven to have reduced environmental impact compared to previous International general purpose antifoulings.
  •  NOT suitable high speed craft or for use over aluminium/alloy substrates or zinc sprayed surfaces
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