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Hardware for Craft

Marine deck hardware for Lewmar products, Allen dinghy products, Barton block, Spinlock gear and much more. The shackles, clevis pins, r clips, stanchion, nuts and bolts and cleats are in the Cleats to Stanchions category.
Stainless Steel Type for Marine Use

The two commonly produced grades of stainless are 304 or 'A2' and 316 or 'A4'. These grades have excellent resistance against corrosion. They are easy to keep clean too.

Grade 316, A4 is also known as the marine grade stainless steel due to its increased resistance to chloride corrosion compared to type 304, A2.

The steel "recipe" is:
304 stainless steel, A2: chromium 18% + nickel 8% known as '18/8'
316 stainless steel, A4: chromium 18% + nickel 8% + molybdenum 3% known as '18/8/3'

As a general rule, A2 is ok above the waterline and A4 below the waterline, given the option, always go for A4.