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International Pre-Kote 750 ml

Product Code: PLYUB000-750
International Pre-Kote 750 ml

(4.50) 4 raters
Excellent coverage and workability.This paint lasts and is very durable. Nick
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Description of International Pre-Kote 750 ml:

Available in the UK ONLY
Due to shipping restrictions on this product we can only economically deliver this to UK destinations.
It is possible to ship overseas but the cost can be very high.
We can provide a quote for this, please contact us using the form at our support page here.

Product Description:
Pre-Kote is an undercoat for one pack finishes such as Toplac, Brightside® and Interlux® Super. Pre-Kote offers excellent obliteration which in turn, allows for easy colour changing. Pre-Kote is designed around tough, flexible resins which means it is long lasting and easy to apply and rub down, providing a smooth base for the finishing coat. It is available in a range of colours to complement the topcoat. For detailed product information refer to
Application Details: - Pre-Kote
  • Area: Above the waterline
  • Finish/Sheen: Low-sheen
  • Thinner/ Cleaner: YTA800 Thinners No.1
  • Number of Coats: 1-2.
  • Method of application:  Brush, Roller, Airless or Conventional Spray.
Drying/ Overcoating Information:
Temperature ºC
Touch Dry
Overcoating Time
Sandable Time
5ºC 4 hours 48 hours 4 days
48 hours
15ºC 3 hours 24 hours 3 days 30 hours
23ºC 2 hours 16 hours 2 days 24 hours
35ºC 1 hour 8 hours 1 day 24 hours

Note: Not suitable for permanently immersed surfaces. Only overcoat with one-pack paints.

PREVIOUSLY PAINTED SURFACES: In Good Condition: Wash down with Yacht Line Super Cleaner, rinse with fresh water and allow to dry. Abrade with 280-320 grade (grit) paper.
In Poor Condition: Remove all previous coatings and prime the substrate.
PRIMING: All preparation for bare substrates is covered on the appropriate primer datasheet.
BARE WOOD: Prime with Yacht Primer or UCP.
STEEL: Prime with Yacht Primer or Interprotect.
ALUMINIUM: Pre-prime using Etch Primer, then prime with Yacht Primer or Interprotect.
GRP: Wash down with Yacht Line Super Cleaner, rinse with fresh water and allow to dry. Abrade with 180-220 grade paper. No priming necessary.

  1. If any filling required use the appropriate product from the Interfill range.
  2. If maximum overcoating time of previous coating/ primer is exceeded, abrade using 180-220 grade wet or dry paper and remove dust.
  3. Apply 1-2 coasting dry, well ventilated conditionals.
  • Stir well before use.
  • To give extra depth of colour, Toplac or Interlux Super enamels may be added.
Coverage: 4.5m²/ 375ml

HELPLINE: 02380 21 31 46 - For Safety Data Sheet please click here.

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