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Classic Craft

In this category you'll find products that are specific to traditional boats including the famous Davey Hotpot stove.
Many of the products here are still hand made, mostly in the Midlands.
Davey strongly believe in support traditional manufacturing processes even
though these are less efficient than the modern equivalents. As a result it
is fairly common to see minor differences in fit and finish, neither of which
will be to the detriment of the products.  Davey & Company part numbers are used throughout, all prefixed with "DA" <br><br>
In addition to Davey & Company products, we also stock Guy Cotten Breton caps, Guernsey jumpers and Yarmo smocks and tunnel band trousers - all traditional legends.
Guernsey sweater
Brass galey lever pump - Daveys Brass bell with bracket - Daveys


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