Admiralty Chart SC5614 East Coast of England - Orfordness to Whitby

Admiralty Chart SC5614 East Coast of England - Orfordness to Whitby

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Admiralty No. Name Chart Scale
5614.1 A. Orford Ness to Benacre Ness B. Orford Ness A-1:75,000 B-1:50,000
5614.2 Lowestoft to Winterton Ness 1:75,000
5614.3 Lowestoft Approaches and Great Yarmouth 1:40,000
5614.4 A. Yarmouth and Caister Roads B. Great Yarmouth Haven C. Continuation of Great Yarmouth Haven A-1:40,000 B-1;6,250 C-
5614.5 A. Caister Point to Mundesley B. Southwold Harbour A-1:75,000 B-1:7,500
5614.6 A. Cromer to Wells-next-the-Sea B. Wells-next-the-Sea A-1:75,000 B-
5614.7 Appraoches to the Wash
5614.8 Outer Appraoches to the Wash 1:150,000
5614.9 A. The Wash-Eastern Part B. Continuation of Lynn Cut C. Kings Lynn A- B-1:37,000 C-1:10,000
5614.10 A. The Wash-Central Part B. Continuation of the River Nene C. Continuation of the River Nene to Wisbech A-1:37,500 B-1:50,000 C-1:50,000
5614.11 A. The Wash-Western Part B. Appraoches to Boston C. Boston A-1:37,000 B-1:20,000 C-
5614.12 Gibraltar Point to Saltfleet 1:75,000
5614.13 Appraoches to the River Humber 1:75,000
5614.14 A. River Humber Entrance B. Grimsby A-1:50,000 B-1:10,000
5614.15 A. River Humber-Grimsby Road to Humber Bridge B. Humber Bridge to Whitton Ness C. Hull Doacks Western Part D. Goole A- B-1:50,000 C-1:10,000 D-
5614.16 A. Appraoches to Lowestoft B. Lowestoft Harbour C. Whitton Ness to Goole and Mere Dyke D. Continuation to Keadby A-1:20,000 B-1:6,250 C- D-1:50,000
5614.17 Spurn Head to Flamborough Head 1:150,000
5614.18 A. Bridlington to Scarborough B. Bridlington Harbour A-1:75,000 B-1:5,000
5614.19 A. Appraoches to Whitby B. Whitby Harbour C. Scarborough Bay D. Scarborough Harbour A-1;25,000 B-1:7,500 C-1:10,000 D-1:5,000
5614.20 Scarboruogh to Whitby 1:75,000
5614.21 Southern North Sea 1:750,000

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