Barton Laser Replica Cunningham Assembly

Barton Laser Replica Cunningham Assembly

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The Barton Laser Replica Cunningham system - makes using Cunningham a breeze.

The Kit Contents:

  1. 00110: Series 0 Single Fixed Eye (attached to primary red line through sail eye).
  2. 00110: Series 0 Single Fixed Eye ( attached to secondary yellow line short tail).
  3. Primary Line: 0.44m x 4mm red Dyneema (with long and short loops).
  4. Secondary Line: 3.5m x 4mm yellow Line (large loop provided with long and short tails).
Fitting Instructions:
  1. Before inserting mast into slot, slide large loop in secondary yellow line onto mast base and locate under mast kicker tang.
  2. Pass primary red line through the Cunningham eye of the sail then detach kicker assembly from boom.
  3. Pass the long loop of primary red line over the complete kicker assembly so that the loop locates against the mast and in front of the kicker base plate.
  4. Re-attach kicker assemble into the boom.
  5. Pass secondary yellow line long tail through the block attached to short tail on secondary yellow line.
  6. This long tail now continues down to the mast base block and back to the control line cleat base.
  7. To detach after sailing, remove the yellow secondary line from the cleat base and mast base block.
  8. Undo the kicker from the boom and pass long loop in primary line over kicker assembly and remove.
  9. Pass primary line out through sail Cunningham eye.

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