Deks Olje D2 2.5 litre

Deks Olje D2 2.5 litre

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Deks Olje D2 may be used on any kind of woodwork above the waterline. Provides a varnish-like but flexible, gloss finish.

To Wood Already Treated With D1:

  • Do not thin.
  • Use a good varnish brush or roller.
  • Deks Olje D2 should be applied in a minimum of 6 rich coats.
  • Allow at least 12 hours of good drying between coats, i.e. one coat per day.
  • The six coats should be applied within one month.
  • No sanding needed between coats.
  • If possible, allow to dry for three to four days before using.
  • When applying D2 the air temperature should not be below 8-10ºC (45-50ºF)
  • Do not apply in wet weather or late in the day when dew or fog may be expected. These conditions may dull a newly set film of D2 or cause it to 'blush'. (Exposure to sunlight will usually remove this discolouration)
To Refurbish D2 Finish:
  1. Keep finish free of salt by washing down periodically with fresh water.
  2. To renew a high-gloss finish, wet-sand the surface extremely lightly, using grit wet-or-dry paper no: 320, wipe the surface clean with a lint-free cloth dampened (dipped and rung out) with D1.
  3. Next day, apply one coat of D2 and, the following day, the second coat of D2, again without sanding between coats. Allow drying time as above.
  • On wood thoroughly treated with D1, D2 should give approximately 15 sq/m per litre coverage for each coat.
  • D2, whilst still wet, is easily removed from adjacent surfaces with white spirit.
  • It is very difficult to remove after drying, so check during and immediately after application to clean up any drips, splatters or 'runovers'.
  • Brushes and roller should be cleaned with White Spirit.
  • D2 may be slippery when wet, so many prefer protecting traffic decks with D1 by itself.
  • Pour unused material into a smaller container so it is not exposed to air and seal tightly.

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