Moppit Oil Spill & Bilge Oil Absorbent Powder 350g

Moppit Oil Spill & Bilge Oil Absorbent Powder 350g

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Moppit Absorbent Powder 350g

MOPPIT instantly bonds to petroleum, oil and solvent based spills on hard surfaces and to floating spills on water, turning them into solids for easy pick-up and removal. MOPPIT is an effective and convenient protection against the safety hazards associated with such spills and is capable of absorbing spills up to 14 times its own weight. It can also be put directly into the bilge to mop up oil from the engine

  • Highly effective in minutes - Instantly begins to solidify spills the moment it is applied.
  • Utilises a new absorption and adsorption process - Removes volatile hydrocarbons in spills by acting like a sponge ( absorption ) and then goes to work to remove non volatile parts by adsorption - like paint covering a non porous surface. These 2 constituents make MOPPIT one of the most effective spill absorbents known today - leaving no oily surface behind and absorbing spills up to 14 times its own weight.
  • Special hydrophobic formula - Suitable for picking up spills in both salt and fresh water. Does not re-release visible hydrocarbons back in.
  • Prevents the leaching of spills - Effectively locks in the spill and stops it leaking from the solid mass.
  • Superior to conventional absorbents - More effective than sand - which may contain harmful silica dust. Safer than sawdust which is highly combustible and messy and MOPPIT can absorb up to 30 times more spill.
  • Easy to use - Simply sprinkle onto the spill, wait about 5 minutes and the solid can then be removed using a broom, dustpan and brush or other device in the case of water borne spills.
  • Disposable and recyclable- May be incinerated or taken to landfill in compliance with local regulations. May be recycled as heat energy, depending on material absorbed. ( Value 22,000 BTU's per lb)
  • Non Corrosive - Non Flammable - MOPPIT on its own does not rust metals or corrode other surfaces. Does not support combustion.
Apply MOPPIT generously until the spill is fully absorbed. For a flowing spill, concentrate first on the leading edge to create a containment barrier and then work inward to cover the entire spill area. For residual spill areas apply MOPPIT onto the surface. Always allow 10 to 15 minutes to absorb the spill, sweep up the material and dispose of correctly.

Disposal of the used solid should follow the same guidelines as for the original petroleum - solvent that was spilled. Designed for hard surfaces, not recommended for use on carpets or similar soft surfaces. Store closed in a cool, dry area.

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