Peelaway Marine 4kg Antifoul Stripper with Blankets & Spatula

Peelaway Marine 4kg Antifoul Stripper with Blankets & Spatula

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Peelaway Marine is a revolutionary poultice antifoul removal system. Removing antifouling and most other paints and varnishes. Deemed to be environmentally safer than than traditional coatings removal as it contains everything that is removed within the poultice. Say goodbye to the dangerous fumes and toxic particles thrown up into the air with traditional scraping!

The Peelaway Marine 4kg Including Blankets and Spatula is specially formulated to quickly and easily remove many layers of antifouling or paint with a single application. A fantastic time and labour saving option there is no need for repetitive scraping. Formulated to the consistency of a light paste, making it easy to apply to any shape or surface, and easy to use with a brush or trowel, or even an air sprayer for larger areas.


  • Step 1 Test Patch. It is vital to apply a test patch to the area you intend to strip. This gives a reference for the time it needs to dwell and the thickness of product required
  • Step 2 Application. Apply evenly using an airless spray, brush or trowel. Make sure that any raised edges or corners are well covered and apply a second coat to the final tested thickness. Then apply the poultice with the printing facing out, whilst gently rubbing to get rid of any trapped air bubbles. Work in manageably sized areas that can be easily removed within the time scale.
  • Step 3 Removal. Slide the scraper into the paste and paint, trying to to keep the paint, paste and cover as close together as possible. Take care not to scratch or damage the newly revealed gel coat. Once the paint is removed any remaining Peelaway Marine must be washed off. Allow the cleaned area to dry thoroughly before re coating.

Suited to most antifouling coatings, especially rosin based formulae, also suitable for most hull types including GRP, wood, steel and concrete. Please do get in touch if there are any coating types which you may have concerns about. The test patch is always the first step and will immediately highlight any issues without major outlay. It is generally estimated that coverage is 2 to 4m2 per kilo, but this varies depending on the results of the test patch which will indicate the depth required.

Peelaway Marine, less time under your boat, more time enjoying it.

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