Tercoo Single Blaster Disc Coating Remover

Tercoo Single Blaster Disc Coating Remover

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About Tercoo® (pronounced tair-koo) is a rotating disk for the removal of rust, paint, tar, epoxy, adhesives etc. from various materials such as steel, iron, concrete or stone. The result is a sand blasted surface ready for painting. Even epoxies can be applied with no further surface preparation.  
How does Tercoo work Tercoo® is a natural rubber disk with 12 hard metal tungsten carbide tips. The tips are angled from centre of the disk. During operation, the centrifugal force created by the rotational speed of the drill causes the flexible rubber disk to react in such a way, that a €œhammer effect inch is created with the tungsten carbide tips.  
This movement ensures that the tips clean the surface perfectly, removing all contaminants and other old coatings. The hammer effect creates no heat, so tough materials such as tar, adhesives and sealants will be easily removed, and the Tercoo doesn €™t clog up.  
Tercoo is ideal for patch repair or complete stripping of iron keels on yachts. There is also an adjustable guide and dust cover to use when stripping gelcoat (see below).
Tercoo is available in three standard sizes:
Part No cu01302 Tercoo® Single, for small areas, e.g. flaking paint, or a small rust spots, etc.
Part No cu01305  Tercoo® Double, for larger areas e.g. a whole keel or small deck
Part No cu01307 Tercoo® Triple, for large areas e.g. a steel hull

Part No cu01310 Optional dust cover (includes vacuum attachment)
Part No cu01313 Adjustable guide for gelcoat removal
Part No cu01317 Combination adjustable guide with dust cover (includes vacuum attachment)

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