Treadmaster 2 Part Adhesive 600g

Treadmaster 2 Part Adhesive 600g

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Two pack epoxy adhesive designed for Treadmaster sheets. Can also be used on a wide range of other deck products that need bonding.

Directions for use.
Make sure the surface is clean, dry and free from oil or grease. Existing paint, varnish, waxes, polishes, etc must be removed.
Fibreglass, aluminium and steel surfaces should be lightly abraded with a nylon scouring pad and all dust removed.

Prepare the Treadmaster an ddrck before mixing resine. Transfer the contents of container B into container A and mix thoroughly until the colour is consistent throughout the mix. Once mixed the adhesive must be used immediately, in normal enviromental conditions a life of 20 minutes in the tin can be expected. Spreading the adhesive on to a flat plate after mixing will extend the useful pot life by helping to spread the heat generated by the curing process.
The mix should not be used when the temperatures are below 10C or above 30C.

Spread the adhesive using a serrated applicator to the bottom of the Treadmaster and to the surface to which you are sticking it to. Position the Treadmaster carefully rolling from the middle to the edge, applying pressure to consolidate the adhesive and making sure there is no air is trapped between the surfaces.
Where possible, adhesive should be allowed to seep out between the edges of adjacent mats, to give a positive seal against water entry. Excess glue should be wiped off quickly with meths. Depending on local temperatures and humidity the adhesive will begin to set in 2 to 4 hours and full strength will be achieved after 24 hours.

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