Hammar Hydrostatic Release System 6 Man & Above

Hammar Hydrostatic Release System 6 Man & Above

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Hammar H20 Standard SOLAS HRU

A vessel can sink very quickly and it is important that a hydrostatic release unit is attached to the lashing of a fitted liferaft allowing it to launch automatically if there isn't enough time, or it isn't possible, to launch it manually. The Hammar H20 Standard SOLAS Hydrostatic Release Unit or HRU is designed to fit liferafts of all shapes and sizes from 6 to 150 persons and consists of a double looped white rope line, a release mechanism and a Red Weak Link. The white strong rope is secured to the deck or liferaft cradle and attached to the liferaft lashing with a slip hook. If the ship sinks the water pressure will, within 4 metres, activate the sharp knife whick cuts the rope and the liferaft will float free. As the ship sinks the liferaft painter line will be stretched and the liferaft starts to inflate. The Red Weak Link breaks and survivors can board the floating liferaft.

For small liferafts, from 4 persons and outside SOLAS regulations, the Hammar H20 Small Rafts model is recommended, with a lower breaking strength.

  • Fulfils SOLAS regulations
  • Approved worldwide
  • Non corrosive materials - glass fibre reinforced nylon
  • No service needed
  • 2 year operational life
  • Totally weatherproof, requiring virtually no maintenance
  • Hydrostatic release designed for 6-150 peron liferafts

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